Windows Repairs & Services

Service Prices

Our Windows services price structure is very simple and easy to understand. The service fee is capped. If you need your computer fixed immediately, we offer a priority service where we guarantee to fix your computer by the end of 2 business days for $159.00. If you can spare your machine for a longer period, we can fix it within a week or two at a low $129.00.


All these prices are inclusive of labour and we will not install any parts or incur any additional costs without your prior permission.

If a backup-reformat is required on your device or a new hard drive needs to be installed, we will backup and put your data back free of charge. If you require assistance with setting up your email, printer, Microsoft office and anti-virus, we can assist you for an additional $95.


For our highly competitive Apple and Data Recovery Pricing Structure, please refer to the Apple and Data Recovery pages.

Virus/Adware Removal

Getting popups from software you didn't install? Have a hijacked system you can't use anymore? Worried your personal information isn't protected? Our computer technicians are very well skilled in removing all kinds of computer infections such as Malware, Trojans, Viruses and Spyware.


We also ensure that you have an Anti-Virus that will provide you with better protection in the future.


Is your Desktop or Laptop computer running slow, not allowing you to access your files, or maybe not even turning on at all? Our technicians specialise in all kinds of software and hardware issues as well as upgrades.


Your computer may just be in need of a little more RAM memory or a bigger hard drive to improve its performance. After assessing your device, we can make recommendations on possible upgrades. 

Laptop Repairs

Did your cat knock your coffee onto your keyboard? Is your DVD Drive no longer working? Does your laptop turn itself off without a moment’s notice? Is it getting hot or making funny noises? Not to fear, Computer Solutions & Data Recovery is here. We repair/replace:


  • Screens/Hinges

  • DC jacks

  • Keyboards

  • DVD drives

  • Chargers

  • Batteries

Small Business Services

If you need our assistance with any computer, installation, network issues etc. please call us and we can come to you for $159.00 an hour plus a call out fee of $100. Our technicians are available from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday for house/business calls.


If our technician estimates the repair time to be in excess of 1 hour, you will be offered a return to base service for a low $390.00. We then repair your device at our service centre, bring it back to you, plug it in and ensure that you are comfortable with its functionality before we leave. 

Working as your outsourced IT department, we are able to offer an ongoing relationship with your company as well as arrange for our technicans to come out for onsites or even back­ to­ base repairs.

Windows Servicing Price List


Option 1

Option 2

Application Installation

Insurance Report


$159 (By the end of two business days)

$129 (By the end of two business weeks)

$95 (After backup and reformat)

$258 (Assessment and Report)