Mac Service Information

Warranty Service

Computer Solutions & Data Recovery is an Apple Authorised Service Provider and any issues covered by an Apple limited warranty are serviced free of charge. If your device is covered with AppleCare+, an incident fee applies. All repairs use only genuine Apple parts – complete with an Apple warranty, honoured here at Computer Solutions & Data Recovery and at Apple Retail Stores around the world.

Find out if your iPhone has AppleCare, by following the link and entering your serial number here.

Out of Warranty Service

If a Mac is not covered by an Apple warranty, we charge an $99 diagnostic fee to make an

assessment, and provide a quotation for any service or repair required. The diagnostic fee will be

deducted from the repairs on your approval to perform the service. Repairs are considered out of

warranty when; your Mac is over one year old, your Mac is more than three years old and the

AppleCare has expired, your Mac has an issue that’s not covered under warranty or consumer law,

like accidental damage or damage caused by unauthorised modifications


We might be able to fix or replace your product for an out-of-warranty fee. The Apple Limited

Warranty is in addition to rights provided by consumer law.

Accidental & Liquid Damage

Liquid damage causes corrosion on the internal components of your computer, that may cause ongoing issues with your computer. Computer Solutions & Data Recovery are experts at assessing the risks to your Mac that have been caused by liquids, dropping or other trauma. We will provide you with all available options for your machine after such an event.

Hard Drive Failure

Do you hear a slow clicking sound coming from your computer? Or are you experiencing spinning “beach balls” while trying to access your data? If so, back up as much as you can, and drop your device into Computer Solutions & Data Recovery for a diagnosis. We have advanced tools to analyse failing disks and storage devices. We can often recover data onto a new hard drive and can provide you with an external backup hard-drive that will run automatically with Time Machine software to keep your data secure.

Before you bring in your machine for repair or upgrade, we recommend backing up your data. We can assist you with this if you prefer, and we can supply an external storage device if you do not already own one.

Is my repair covered under warranty?

When you bring your item into the repair centre our staff will run diagnostic tests on it and check out its warranty status at that point.

How much is the service fee?

All repairs covered under Apple Warranty, AppleCare or Australia Consumer Protection are serviced free of charge. Out-of-Warranty repairs attract a $99 inc GST diagnosis fee. If you choose to go ahead with the repair, the diagnostic fee will be deducted from the repairs on your approval to perform the service.

How long does it take to repair a Mac?

Most repairs take 3 to 5 days. If you require us to try and save your data on a failing hard drive and transfer it to the new computer this can add extra time to your repair.

Do you recycle?

All "dead" devices that you leave with us will be taken to a recycling centre. We attempt to destroy data on the device storage but it is your responsibility to ensure iPhones and iPads are wiped before handing over devices to Computer Solutions & Data Recovery for recycling.

Do I need an appointment?

You can either turn up with your item for repair or book in on our Appointment Page. We will perform a quick diagnostic (if possible) and give you options before you leave.

Will I lose my data?

It is wise to always have a current backup of your data. 

Can I claim the repair under insurance?

Depending on your cover, you might be eligible for repairs/replacements on our devices. We can prepare an insurance report for you.

What should I do before bringing my Mac in for Service?


Mac Service Price List



Warranty Service (Hardware)

Out of Warranty/Software Diagnostic Fee

Hourly Service Rate

In/Out of Warranty Data Transfer

Insurance Report





$99 (as part of service)


Mac Pro Diagnostic Fee

*Insurance Reports include Assessment and Report

Service Appointments

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